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Charles Industries, LLC
An Amphenol Company

1450 American Lane
20th Floor
Schaumburg, IL
60173-5492 USA



Manufacture Discontinued Notice

Charles Industries has manufacture discontinued all Riser Line Guard product lines and all associated part numbers.

Limited availability inventory remains for select part numbers, 
please call (847) 806-6300 for product availability and pricing. 

For technical support, please call (847) 806-8500.

MD Notification

Protection and Organization for Overhead to Underground Utility and Communications Vertical Pole Lines

Charles Riser Line Guards and Accessories

Charles Riser SystemsCharles Riser Line Guards provide total protection of copper, fiber, and coaxial cables attached to utility and communication poles, a necessary network component that is particularly vulnerable to accidental damage leading to both safety hazards and service interruptions. A small investment in riser protection helps avoid damage caused by impact, mowing equipment, and other accidental cutting; and eliminates costly truck rolls for repair. With next generation wireless small cell deployments bringing networking equipment closer to residential neighborhoods, Charles Riser Line Guards also help create an aesthetically pleasing installation of the lines and ground wires; resulting in greater acceptance by neighboring households and businesses. 

Riser components are constructed from molded and extruded polyethylene for superior environmental protection. This material composition is lightweight, non-corrosive, and impact and chemical resistant. They provide a long, maintenance-free service life and are resistant to color fading, cracking, and distortion caused by prolonged exposure to the elements, even in cold weather.

Charles Riser Line Guards are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5" diameters in 5 ft. sections with one belled end for quick installation and protection of overlapping joined ends. Risers may be placed directly over cables, eliminating cable pull-through. Pre-drilled lag screw holes are evenly spaced on flared sides for secure mounting to wooden poles. The U shape design of the riser guard hugs the utility pole and provides a larger usable interior space than round riser systems, often allowing a smaller diameter riser guard to be utilized than a competitive round riser diameter. Outer surfaces feature molded-in ribs that allow technicians to maintain a tight grip while handling the riser.

Available accessories include boots, adapters, couplers, backing plates and fastener kits. Boots and adapters feature a multi-tiered design to universally fit over various riser sizes. Couplers have double belled ends and are especially useful for quick riser repairs without disturbing placed cables. Backing plates isolate the cable from the pole, creating a complete plastic enclosure for cables. Fastener kits include 1/4 hex-head galvanized lag bolts.


Non-conductive protection of overhead to underground transitions, including:

  • Wireless 4G/5G equipment shrouds/cabinets to antennas
  • Fiber optic cables and pole mounted enclosures
  • Coaxial CATV Broadband Cables
  • Ground Wires
  • Power Lines

Charles Riser Line Guards Datasheet  (.pdf)

Charles Riser Line Guards - Utility Pole Risers

Riser Line Guards

Charles Riser Couplers - Utility Line Poles


Charles Riser Back Plates - Utility Line Poles

Back Plates

Charles Riser Adapters and Boots - Utility Line Poles

Adapter (left) and Boot (right)

Riser Line Guard Kitss 
Part # Size Length Kit Qty. A B C D
12-20510/6 2" 60" (5') 6 .125" 2.375" 4.5" 2.375"
12-30510/6 3" 60" (5') 6 .125" 3.500" 6.0" 3.500"
12-40510/6 4" 60" (5') 6 .125" 4.500" 6.5" 4.500"
12-50510/6 5" 60" (5') 6 .125" 5.500" 7.0" 5.500"
Back Plate Kits s
12-20510BP/6 2" 60" (5') 6 2.250" 2.0"
12-30510BP/6 3" 60" (5') 6 3.375" 3.0"
12-40510BP/6 4" 60" (5') 6 4.375" 4.0"
12-50510BP/6 5" 60" (5') 6 5.375" 5.0"
12-2XXCPLR 2" 12" .125" 2.375" 4.5" 2.375"
12-3XXCPLR 3" 12" .125" 3.500" 6.0" 3.500"
12-4XXCPLR 4" 12" .125" 4.500" 6.5" 4.500"
12-5XXCPLR 5" 12" .125" 5.500" 7.0" 5.500"
Adapters & Boots
12-234ADPTR 2"-4" 9" Cut to size to match diameters
12-23456BOOT 2"-6" 18" Cut to size to match diameters
Fastener Kits
12-14114G20 Lag Bolts 1/4" Hex, 1 1/4" length, galvanized, pkg. of 20
12-14124G20 Lag Bolts 1/4" Hex, 2 1/4" length, galvanized, pkg. of 20

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