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Versatile and easy-to-use fiber access closures for FTTH networks

Charles fiber optic sealed drop closures provide a versatile, functional and cost-effective solution for FTTH network connections to the subscriber. FSDC series closures are fully-sealed units which can be strand, pole or pedestal mounted; or placed in below ground vaults and enclosures to meet any installation topology. In addition to an express main feed cable, the closure can accommodate up to two branch cables. The closures have build-in adapters to support up to 16 drop cables. FSDC closures feature a compact size for easy handling, yet provide ample room for express fiber storage.

FSDC Datasheet (.pdf)

Product  Features

  • Robust glass filled polypropylene housing to withstand acidic and alkaline environments

  • Up to 48 single splices provides adequate splice capacity in a compact size

  • Supports two branch cables in addition to feed cable 

  • Internal adapters to plug in up to 16 connectorized drops for quick subscriber adds 

  • Spacious loose tube fiber storage in a compact size can express 144 fibers

  • Mechanical compression technology provides cost-effective reliable cable sealing

  • Hinged snap cover allows easy access for installation, maintenance, and upgrades

  • Sealed IP68 rated for use in aerial, pole, pedestal, or below grade applications

  • Splitters and optical taps available to support a variety of fiber access architectures

Product  Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H):
Ambient Temperature: 
Feed Cable Accommodation:
Branch Cable Accommodation: 
Drop Port Cable Accommodation: 
SC Adapters: 
Splice Trays: 
Splitters/Optional Taps:
Cable Sealing Method: 

15 x 9.6 x 5.7 (380mm x 245mm x 145mm)
10lb. (4.5kg)
-40F to 149F (-40C to 65C)
Oval port: 0.3930.689 inch (10mm17.5mm)
2 ports: 0.3150.689 inch (8mm17.5mm)
16 drop ports available. Standard closure is equipped with 8 ports for medium grommets for 4.5mm6mm round drop cables plus 8 ports with large grommets for flat drop cables.
16 SC APC adapters included. UPC available as an option.
4 trays with 12 single fusion splice capacity each
Optional splitter trays and optical tap trays are available.
Contact Charles for ordering information
Mechanical (compression grommets)
Aerial, pole, pedestal, or below grade. Optional aerial or pole mount brackets available
FSDC Aerial Strand Mount

FSDC Pole Mount

Ordering Information

Please call (847) 806-6300 for additional configurations and options, including splitter trays and optical tap trays for use with FSDC closures.

Charles Part # Description
FSDC4T16SA8L8MV Sealed closure with 4 splice trays (included), 16 SC/APC adapters, 8 large and 8 medium drop port grommets, pressure valve
FSDCBT16SA8L8MV Sealed closure with bracket for 2 Charles hinged trays (not included), 16 SC/APC adapters, 8 large & 8 medium drop port grommets, pressure valve
FSDCBS16SA8L8MV Sealed closure with bracket for 2 Charles hinged trays (one 4x6 hinged tray included), 16 SC/APC adapters, 8 large & 8 medium drop port grommets, pressure valve
97-FSDCAMKT Aerial strand mount bracket kit
97-FSDCPLKTA Pole mount bracket kit, includes 2 band straps
97-FSDCPLKTB Pole mount bracket kit, extended bracket (for lag bolts, not included)
Pedestals, Electronics Housings, Environmental Sealed Enclosures, Peds

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