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Charles Industries, LLC
An Amphenol Company

1450 American Lane
20th Floor
Schaumburg, IL
60173-5492 USA



Lightweight Composite Material Buried Mounting Platforms for Outdoor Equipment 
  • Cost-effective alternative to poured-in-place concrete pads
  • Improved time to place (same day installation) and worker safety
  • Added benefit of additional storage under platform for cable slack and conduit
  • Support up to 8,000 lbs. of load, withstand winds of up to 150 MPH with attached cabinet, and usable on inclines of up to 15% grade
  • One-piece and modular designs

CPAD Datasheet (.pdf)

CPAD Applications

Remote Communications Cabinets

Diesel Generators

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Other Uses:

• Macro and Small Cell Wireless Enclosures

• Fiber Hubs 

• Digital Signs and Kiosks

• Groundmount Concealment Shrouds

• Wind Farm Step-Up Generators
Charles Composite Pads (CPAD) are economical alternatives for poured in place and pre-cast concrete pads.  They eliminate on-site work, save time, and reduce injury risk associated with handling and maneuvering heavy concrete. With today’s compressed schedules to complete builds, the CPAD solution enables rapid deployment with minimal on-site project planning and coordination. Made from advanced composite materials, CPAD are extremely durable, lightweight, and simple to install.

There are application specific pads for all Charles wireless and wireline cabinets. Charles has also developed a line of Universal CPAD compatible for mounting cabinets, generators, and pedestals from nearly any manufacturer.  CPAD are available and suitable for a number of other outdoor equipment installations such as electric vehicle charging stations and kiosks with digital signage.

Wireless Enclosure Platforms
  • Small Cell
    A variety of CPADs have been designed to match Charles groundmount Small Cell cabinet and shroud solutions
    Small Cell CPAD Solutions

  • Macro Site
    A modular CPAD solution has been designed which accommodates Charles Macro Site Cabinet Solutions including Site Support, Battery Backup and Equipment Cabinets. Separate CPAD solutions are available to support diesel generators from Generac, Kohler, Polar and MTU
    Macro Site CPAD Solutions

Wireline Enclosure Platforms

  • Fiber Hub
    The Integrated CPAD with 30"x48" TRUE Split Cover Below Grade Enclosure in an all-in-one solution designed for mounting Primary Flexibility Point (PFP) cabinets with room below the pad and cover for sealed fiber splice cases and cable slack storage
    Fiber Hub CPAD Solutions

Universal Applications

  • Ground Mount Cabinets & Generators
    The Universal CPAD supports cabinets and generators from all manufacturers. The cabinet or generator's mounting holes are used as a template, with holes being drilled for perfect placement, and then anchors installed from the top
    Universal CPAD Solutions

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    Universal CPAD designs are available for softscape installation EVC Stations, providing an economical and quick-installation alternative to concrete slabs
    EVC CPAD Solutions

  • Digital Signs & Kiosks

Proprietary Composite Construction

Composite materials and coatings have been tested by Environ Labs, a certified Nationally Recognized Test Lab in Minneapolis.  Materials are Fully compliant to SCTE/ANSI-77 2013 Standard which covers Impact Resistance, Flammability, Sunlight Exposure, Chemical Resistance (includes Telcordia GR-902 Chemical list), Brush Fire Test, Water Absorption and Tier 15 and Tier 22 Load Ratings

Standard pads can accommodate up to 8,000 lbs of equipment.  With additional bracing, pads can be made to hold 20,000 lbs. 

Composite Pads with attached cabinets and shrouds have exceeded GR-487 Overturning Moment test requirements (simulating 150 mph wind force)

CPAD Basic Installation Procedure

  1. Dig and level a hole in the ground.

  2. Place CPAD in the opening. Attach anchor stakes or screws if required. 

  3. Backfill with earth.

  4. Place and secure equipment on CPAD.

Completed CPAD Installation

Generator Pad CPAD Installation

Universal CPAD Installation

Pedestals, Electronics Housings, Environmental Sealed Enclosures, Peds

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