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C-Phone Marine Telecommunications System Provides Full-Function On-Board Communication

Imagine the convenience of a complete communications system aboard your yacht. Features include traditional phone service at dockside, an intercom function and a paging, security alert and fog horn system. Add the cellular option, and you can also send and receive calls after you set sail. It's all possible with C-PHONE.

Designed with solid-state components, C-PHONE offers more high-performance features than any other communications system.

C-Phone Marine Communication System

Modern communications on the water

  • Sends and receives phone calls from all stations
  • Functions as an intercom between stations
  • Two-line system expandable to 12 stations

More features than most other communication systems

  • Handset-controlled hailer volume allows volume to be adjusted to three levels-low, medium and high
  • Serves as a paging, security alert and fog horn system when used with 8 ohm weatherproof hailer horn
  • Distinctive ring identification-outside calls identified by a single (land line) or double (cellular) ring, and intercom calls distinguished by triple ring
  • Selective privacy ringing that directs all incoming calls to one station

Stay connected while underway with cellular option

  • Accesses cellular lines with optional transceiver/interface unit
  • Makes and receives outside calls while on the water
  • Rugged, extruded aluminum I-beam style transceiver chassis
  • Option includes single station cellular telephone system, transceiver/interface unit and all necessary wiring and instructions

Superior technology guarantees top performance

  • Microprocessor controlled with solid-state components
  • Design proven against extreme humidity, mechanical shock, vibration, temperature, thermal shock and dust

Easy to install and use

  • No special wiring or separate phone and intercom sets required
  • Use any phone-either tone or pulse system
  • Designed to operate on 12, 24 or 36 VDC input voltages
  • Only two conductors-tip and ring-go from master unit to each station

Priced below the competition


RF Power Output: 3 Watts
Frequency Range: Transmit:824.04 - 848.97 MHz
Receive:869.04 - 893.97 MHz
No. of Channels: 832
Frequency Stability: 2.5 ppm
Operating Voltage: 10-40 VDC
Battery Drain: Standby:0.30 AMPS
Transmit:2.00 AMPS
Transceiver Only:
3.5x 8.44 x 2.03 in.
Transceiver Only
2.5 lbs.
-30C to + 60C (-22'F to +140'F)
RJl1 Current Source: 30 mA; nominal
Ring Voltage: Ringer Equivalence=1:140V p-p with 18 mA load
Ringer Equivalence=2:130V p-p with 30 mA load
Maximum REN: 3
Signal Levels: Minimum Input:-10 dBm (0.25V RMS into 600 Oms)
Maximum Input:4 dBm (1.25V RMS into 600 Oms)

Typical 4-Station Yacht Telephone, Intercom, Automatic Fog Signal System

FCC Registration No. F8P4HP-72851-TF-T

Features and Options:
  • Intercom Call
  • Intercom Conference Call
  • Ring all Stations
  • Make Outgoing Calls, Land Line
  • Make Outgoing Calls, Cellular
    (with Cellular Phone Option)
  • Join Outside Call
  • Privacy Ringing
  • Security Alert
  • Hail Send
  • Foghorn: 1)Underway, 2)Stopped,

Expandable to 12 Stations by using two additional, 4-station Expansion Modules P/N 93-EK4000-B

Design your own C-PHONE system or add to the starter kit with the following individual items:
93-940400-B Master Control Unit (only).For up to 4 stations.
93-EK4000-B 4-Station Expansion Module. Add up to 2 modules to the Master Control Unit for up to a total of 12 stations.
97-001685-C Handset Kit. Includes 1 handset and wall cradle, wall jack/plate and station directory labels.
97-008371-B Handset. 
PHC Phone Plug Connector Cover Boot. 
PHF1 Female Phone Connector.
PHM1 Male Phone Plug. 

Enhance your C-PHONE shipboard communications with the cellular technology specifically designed for the marine environment. The Cellular Telephone Option is easily connected to the C-PHONE Master Control Unit Line 1 or Line 2 terminals and brings all the convenience and superior performance of cellular communications to your C-PHONE system. It consists of a single station cellular telephone system, transceiver/interface unit and all necessary wiring and instructions for adding cellular capabilities to your on-board C-PHONE system.

  • Now compatible with Westinghouse Wave Talk and most other satellite communications systems.
  • Also for European applications compatible with Tellular interface.

Contact Customer Service for more information.

If you would like a copy of this and other products' detailed brochures, please fill out our Product Literature Form.


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