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Miscellaneous Adapters

A1530 15Amp TO 30Amp, 
125Volt hand adapter
A3015 30Amp TO 15Amp, 
125Volt hand adapter
NOTE: All adapters are available in white, except Smart Y Adapters. To order in white, add "W" to end of the part number.
Al530S 15Amp TO 30Amp, 
125Volt straight adapter
A3015S 30Amp TO 15Amp, 
125Volt straight adapter
A3050S 30Amp TO 50Amp, 
125Volt straight adapter
A3050HS 30Amp/l25Volt TO 50Amp-125/250Volt 
straight adapter
A5030S 50Amp-125Volt TO 30Amp/l25Volt straight adapter
A3030Y50 (2)30Amp/l25Volt connectors 
TO (1)50A/125V plug
A3030Y50H (2)30Amp/l 25Volt connectors
TO (1)50A-125/250V plug
A5050Y50H (2) 50 amp - 125V connectors to (1) 50 amp 125/250V plug
93-SMTY50-A (1)50Amp-125/250Volt connectors
T0 (2)30A/125V plugs, yellow
93-SMTY50W-A (1)50Amp-125/250Volt connectors 
T0 (2)30A/125V plugs, white
93-SMTY100-A (1)100Amp-125/250Volt connectors
T0 (2)50A5/250Vplugs,white


Adapters with 2 shore power receptacles

No longer will boat owners have to piece together unsafe, makeshift adapters, spend nights without power or listen to the generator run through the night. C-CABLE® Smart "Y" - Adapters allow boat owners with single power cables to draw power from two shore power receptacles safely and intelligently.

Designed and engineered for long life, C-CABLE® products are made of state-of-the-art materials and sealed with water-tight thermal bonds to stand up in the toughest marine environments.

Backed by the industry's longest warranties.
  • Plug and cover assemblies are constructed of a thermoplastic UL recognized vinyl, providing a water-tight and weatherproof seal
  • Thermal bond between the UL listed cable and molded bodies ensures long life
  • Molded integral strain relief in 50 Amp plug reduces moisture and minimizes cracking and breakage

Durable, state-of-the-art materials

  • Glass-filled nylon and polycarbonate internal components maintain the highest degree of electrical insulation
  • Nickel-plated phosphor bronze contact blades are manufactured to meet exacting standards and provide maximum corrosion resistance

Draw shore power safely and intelligently

  • Eliminates any shock hazard when one leg is disconnected - both legs must be plugged into the power source before current will flow
  • NMEA 4 enclosure protects the electrical contacts and relay network from dirt, oil and moisture

Smart "Y" 50

Smart "Y" 50

Doubles shore voltage -  draw 240V from two 120 Volt shore receptacles.  
The patented C-CABLE® SMART "Y" 50 enables boat owners to double available shore voltage. With a single 50Amp/240V power cable, an owner can draw 30Amp/240V power from two (2) 30Amp/l20V shore power receptacles safely and intelligently.

Smart "Y" 100

Doubles shore amperage - draw 100 Amps from two 50 Amp shore receptacles.  
The patented C-CABLE® SMART "Y" 100 enables boat owners to double available shore amperage. With a single 100Amp/240V power cable, an owner can draw 100Amp/240V power from two (2) 50Amp/240V shore power receptacles safely and intelligently.

Ordering Information:
  • 93-SMTY50-A
(1) 50Amp-240 Volt connectors TO
(2) 30A/1 25V plugs, yellow
  • 93-SMTY100-B
(1) 100Amp-240 Volt connectors TO
(2) 50A-240V plugs, white

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